Unified Orchestration Delivery

Unified Orchestration Delivery

With demands on IT and Operations groups to react to service requests and issues in real time, without any increase in staffing resources, the case for automation and orchestration has never been stronger. Orchestration enables IT and operations to quickly move from repetitive, time-consuming and risky IT and network changes; to automatic, secure and reliable run books.

Automation solutions have existed for sometime, however have typically been restricted in their scope and capability. This has lead to IT and Operations groups building up an arsenal of tools with which to deliver their auto-remediation and IT Process Automation (ITPA) solutions. Of course each of these tools come at a cost, with on-going maintenance costs increasing; and frequently individual administration and configuration skills requiring highly skilled or large teams to support.

A number of step changes have recently occurred, these include:

  • Network convergence, with services now being delivered across and by a range of technologies; including the emerging Software Defined Network (SDN) domain,
  • Cloud technologies such as Server (Compute), Storage and Network Virtualization (NFV), enabling easier automation within those domains,
  • Consolidation within service providers, with formerly siloed administration, configuration and support groups being combined, to reduce costs and improve efficiencies,
  • Improved user understanding of ‘the possible’, with customer’s now expecting near real time turnaround on IT service requests and remediation actions,
  • Increased focus on customer experience, with service providers now committing to offering more than an OK service.

An obvious choice would be to implement a single high level orchestration solution, to sit above existing products, and with some domains this may be the only choice. However in the long term this can act as a sticking plaster, delivering increased costs and hiding expanded complexities underneath. Consolidating exiting automation and orchestration tools into a unified platform, to simplify integration intricacies and enabling a reduction in total cost of ownership through maintenance, implementation and administration; whilst improving service delivery costs is something that all service providers should be interested in.

Eirteic are pleased to be able to partner with Cortex, a leading provider within the Systems, Technology and Process Orchestration solution space. Cortex Intelligent Orchestration is 100% GUI driven, simplifying the configuration process without the need for coding skills and allowing domain specialists to apply their knowledge directly.