Design & Implementation

Design and Implementation Services

Eirteic’s design and implementation services are firmly aimed at helping our customers realise a successful solution that meets their business requirements. Eirteic has extensive experience in design and implementation, which has won us the respect of some of the largest and most demanding users worldwide. Our commitment is to deliver innovative and high-quality solutions for our clients from the design phase right through to solution deployment and operational go live.


Eirteic understands the importance of ensuring that technology, processes and human resources are aligned to assure initial and ongoing success in the implementation of any new solution. Whether your driving business need is to increase management efficiency, reduce cost of ownership and/or increase process automation, Eirteic can help you achieve the required level of IT maturity.

Working closely with business stakeholders as well as end users and internal design authorities, Eirteic collect a full complement of business and technology requirements; reviewing and prioritising based on the key factors that affect you, such as cost effectiveness, delivered value to the business and future roadmaps. Eirteic will then produce (where required) high-level design documentation that will serve as input into low-level design and implementation documentation to be used by the  delivery team.

Eirteic’s professional delivery team consisting of certified project management and experienced IT staff, will follow an agreed and proven implementation methodology approach covering build, deployment and testing cycles. With extensive experience on small to large projects, the team are capable of responding to individual needs, whilst focusing on reducing risk and delivering on-time and within budget.