Operational Business Process Analysis

Operational Business Process Analysis

Eirteic believes that to ensure the success of any OSS transformation program its is imperative to do the appropriate preparation and planning to ensure the long term success of the project once completed.

To ensure its success, an Operational Business Process Analysis is typically completed prior to any transformation project, and analyses the following:

  • Business Strategy and Objectives
  • Business Processes
  • Delivered Services
  • Supporting Technology

Once the analysis is completed, we expect our customers to be able to realise immediate benefits, in our experience some of these are:

  • Visibility for the business to understand the required changes and the steps necessary to achieve their goals
  • Identify process improvements and discover opportunities for automation
  • Expose gaps in OSS readiness
  • Highlight how to become more service centric
  • Identify opportunities to create a more efficient use of TCO