Service Assurance Successfully Deployed

“86 days of product training for each administrator” – those words were the straw that broke the camels back.

It was 2010 and we were after a number of successful meetings with the potential customer and the legacy monitoring vendor. The customer loved the powerpoints that the vendor had presented and we had setup the technical architecture meeting for all three parties. The customer got a little worried at “2 years to deploy but it may be more.”, They got even more worried when they saw the architecture diagram – the Integrated solution was actually 18 separate products. The fact that there wasn’t a reference customer, anywhere, for the “solution” was also very troubling but the seemingly simple question, from the manager of the support staff of “how much training will my team need?” brought forth the answer that ended the meeting “86 days of product training for each administrator”

86 days = 17 weeks 1 day of PRODUCT TRAINING on an “Integrated” solution, and that didn’t include one product where training wasn’t available.

I got a phone call from Bill Cannon (Monolith’s CEO) a week later asking me to come to Chicago to see what the guys at Monolith had delivered. Talk about perfect timing.

We took Monolith Software to see six companies in Europe in early 2011 –

The most common phrase we heard from our customers in relation to AssureNow is that the solution is a “Game Changer,”, initially preceded by “If its real.” . However once we had the solution deployed, in considerably less time than legacy framework solutions, and companies like Equinix and Tele2 were willing to be references for us and Monolith, then the truth started to get out – it is now possible to have a Unified Service Assurance solution.

We now have experience installing Monoliths AssureNow in over a dozen companies worldwide. We have migrated our deployment methodologies, trained our staff, developed enhanced integrations, successfully migrated people off legacy systems, implemented greenfield sites, developed new products to sit on top and below and to the side of AssureNow and in all these cases we have yet to charge more for Services than we did for the Software. In most cases Services have been less than 50% of the software cost. In all cases TCO has been significantly reduced and time to deploy new services has been considerably improved.

These are all facts backed up by our happy customers who are willing to be references for us. The potential customers who we are currently talking to no longer say “If this is real?” They just say “This is a Game Changer.” Oh and the Administrator training for Monolith AssureNow is not 86+ days its 4 days.

Attend our webinar to learn what is possible: “Achieving End-to-End Customer Experience and Business Agility with Unified Service Assurance,” on April 9 at 9AM EDT / 1PM GMT. Patrick Kelly, Research Director at Analysys Mason; Allan Rochford, Head of Service Management at eircom; Patrick Buttimer, CEO of Eirteic; Bill Cannon, CEO of Monolith Software will present.