Service Assurance in the Data Centre

Our hyper-connect world is driving unyielding demand for faster transactions, richer communications, and more access. Data centre providers must continually increase performance, scalability and security while facing unprecedented competition from cloud service providers. This includes the continual downward pressure in pricing by Amazon who is applying “retail economics” to their cloud services, and the ongoing shift of business applications to a mobile and cloud-based consumer model.

These competitive pressures make it imperative for data centre providers to take a customer-centric view of services, focusing on customer experience and service assurance. Shifting your operations from a resource-centric to service centric has many benefits, including supporting new services quicker, getting an end-to-end view of service quality, and the ability to prioritize actions based on service and customer impact.

Eirteic Consulting is helping global data center providers like Equinix transform to service-oriented operations with global network and service views, using Monolith Software’s unified service assurance solution. Service assurance tools like Monolith’s enable operations teams to deliver on business service-level agreements, maintain operational awareness of the service health of hosted, private or public cloud tenants, and identify and respond to critical service-affecting performance and availability events.

Meet us at the DataCentres Ireland conference, at Stand 425, and join us at on 5 November at 3:30pm for a presentation by Monolith founder and CTO, Shawn Ennis, on “Service Assurance in the datacenter.” Shawn will discuss the best practices for transforming from resource-centric to service oriented data center operation and include a case study on Equinix.

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