Assure1 Metric Management

Federos Assure1 Metric Management

Assure1 Performance Management allows service providers to capture logical relationships between device KPIs, create thresholds for monitoring, and create alerts based on KQIs providing end-to-end service performance visibility, a way to proactively prevent outages, and the ability to effectively manage usage and capacity.

Performance indicators, statistics and counters are polled at intervals that can range from 30 minutes down to 1 second with real-time reporting, threshold-based alerts and consolidated weekly, monthly, and yearly data for compliance reporting, historical analysis and capacity planning.

Assure1 Performance Management uses a service quality management (SQM) approach with proactive monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to identify potential incidents before they occur. This comprehensive approach goes beyond single metrics to include metametrics that group KPIs into more relevant Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) to reflect the end-to-end network or service performance and usage. The solution allows operations and IT managers to trend, graph, establish and monitor thresholds, and report on critical availability and performance data in an easily available, highly professional manner