Federos Assure1 Relationship Management

Deploying an effective Topology Management solution maximizes your network efficiency and minimizes its downtime at the system level.

The Assure1 solution has fully integrated, cross-domain topology management that provides auto-discovery and inventory, topology mapping, and root cause analysis that gives you a dynamic representation of your network, system and application resources. With Assure1 topology management, you can automatically discover networks, create dynamic topology-based maps, present real-time status indicators for each node, and perform connectivity-based Probable Root Cause Analysis (PRCA) to provide downstream suppression.

Assure1 topology management uses our open event correlation and enrichment engine to support customer-specific enhancements, SNMP deep discovery of devices, and full integration with Assure1 Dashboards for real-time dashboard maps and portals. In addition, you’ll be provided with reports showing the number of devices or interfaces being managed by type and status. You’ll be able to support both standard and custom topology hierarchies, and improved operational efficiency via cross-domain correlation and real-time displays.

The Assure1 topology management is fully integrated in our single code set solution, features fast discovery and easy maintenance, and it is highly scalable. It leverages out-of-the-box SNMP collection agents to retrieve and display a variety of useful information. A truly unique capability is the ability to handle any hierarchy across all domains – logical or physical, from Layer 1 to the application layer. Further, the Assure1 topology management is an ideal solution for anyone needing to consolidate network inventory onto a single pane of glass.