Federos Assure1 Event Management

Assure1 Fault Management allows operations teams to monitor, detect, analyse and resolve faults in the most efficient manner possible.

This is achieved by unifying and simplifying telecommunications and enterprise infrastructure management – consolidating disparate tools and tracking the performance and health of the entire infrastructure, all from a single screen. This approach provides the foundation for a customer and service oriented operations center.

The solutions integrated approach allows for the elimination of multiple notification tools by providing administrators and network operations staff with alerts in one place so immediate action can be taken.

Assure1 provides complete coverage of service providers Fault Management needs within a single product offering. Without the need to deploy a range of separate products, Assure1 supports;

  • Infrastructure Wide De-duplicated Event Collection,
  • Network Noise Elimination, Increasing Operator Efficiency,
  • Enriching Events, Better Informing Operators,
  • Probable Root Cause Analysis, Correlation Across all Infrastructure Domains, in a Single Place,
  • Multi-Tenanted Unified Visualisation,
  • Real-Time and Historical Views, Run-book Automations,
  • Bi-Directional Integration with External Systems such as Inventory, Work Force Management and Trouble Ticketing.