IBM Netcool Operations Insight

IBM Netcool Operations Insight

Delivering Real Time & Historical Analytics for IT Operations and Infrastructure

The IBM Netcool Operations Insight solution, based on the existing IBM offerings of Netcool/OMNIbus, Netcool Impact and the optional Operations Analytics – Log Analysis, can help unify, reduce and prioritize your business service impacting events by using real-time and historical analytics. With the integration of leading edge IBM analytics technologies, IBM Netcool Operations Insight helps IT operations better understand their IT operations and infrastructure management. IBM Netcool Operations Insight helps you:

Improve operational agility with real time analytics to,

  • Reduce event storm noise and prioritise critical events and alarms for faster incident resolution,
  • Allow operators to spot problems faster with richer context
  • Accelerate problem identification and resolution with search analytics
  • Increase service availability with early detection and shortened mean time to repair (MTTR)

Accelerate problem identification and resolution with search analytics,

  • Leveraging in context search analytics on historical alerts and alarms to gain actionable insight for faster problem identification and isolation.
  • Business level event enrichment and contextual correlation to further unify disparate systems.

Improve Operational efficiency with historical analytics

  • Apply analytics to evaluate historical events to drive efficiency in operations.
  • Spot trends and extract more actionable information from the event storm noise more easily
  • Reduce administration time and improve results with contextual inquiry

Netcool Operations Insight also includes Tivoli Network Manager, Netcool Configuration Manage and Tivoli Common Reporting as optional components.