FNT Staging Area

FNT Staging Area

FNT Software’s central data hub for exchanging, comparing, and importing large quantities of data.

FNT Staging Area is an ETL (extract, transform, load) tool that makes it possible to merge heterogeneously structured data from a wide variety of systems, transform it, check it based on the predefined specifications and rules of the target system, and provide that data for use by FNT Command and FNT Service Planet.

Users can easily model and configure interfaces in a Web browser via the visual editor, without needing any prior programming knowledge.

This approach considerably facilitates the implementation of interface projects while ensuring that a high degree of standardisation is achieved. FNT’s longtime project experience is reflected in the wide range of standardized interfaces available. In conjunction with FNT Staging Area, the application programming interface (API) allows straightforward, flexible linking of FNT Command to other 3rd party OSS/BSS solutions.


  • Interfaces to FNT Command and FNT Service Planet can be created and maintained without any programming knowledge quickly with the help of the graphical editor.
  • A predefined standard set of connectors and components facilitates data integration with FNT Command
  • Additional components and adapters can be easily installed as a plug-in modules.
  • The integrity of the data model within FNT Command can be visualized and be directly used during the development of any interface
  • High scalability enables high performance even for large data volumes
  • The modular design ensures a quick installation and application use  independent of an FNT Command deployment