FNT Command

FNT Command

FNT Command provides full visibility into all IT and telecommunications structures for managing IT assets, cabling and infrastructure, data centers, and telecommunications resources; enabling the provisioning of high-value IT and telecommunications services.

FNT Command is built on a unique and comprehensive, integrated data model supporting all process steps from documentation through to planning and implementation, providing an integrated and common approach to the management of all resources. Deployed as an OSS/IT management solution at more than 500 enterprises worldwide, across all industries, including telecommunications and IT service providers as well as governmental organisations.

Due to its flexibility, FNT Command can be used to manage both your current IT and telecommunications infrastructure and its future evolution. The planning function is  an incredible feature of the solution and can be used to simulate, schedule, and process changes.

FNT Command is characterized by its intuitive operation whilst offering maximum usability. Based on a structured approach, the user interaction is functional and comprehensible. The design focus with FNT Command has been based on taking the user’s needs and expectations into consideration as the primary deliverable