Cortex Intelligent Orchestration

Cortex Intelligent Orchestration

Integrating disparate systems, processes and technologies; automating operational and management processes across the business through open and resilient APIs.

Whether you are looking for a Run Book Automation, IT Process Automation or a central Orchestration solution; Cortex can consolidate processes and technologies from segregated operational silos, creating end-to-end autonomous services while enforcing operational integrity and control.

Cortex is the leader in the innovative merging of event, data sensing and signal management. It has the ability to create operational intelligence by taking a systems based approach and providing a highly accessible integrated platform to unify existing assistive and automated technologies. From event management to process automation and orchestration, Cortex will integrate and manage existing technologies whilst filling in any gaps. This ensures a complete end to end management system approach, whilst enabling the progress of any process to be monitored and tracked for, progress, issues and compliance.

Supporting open integration with existing technologies, Cortex is future proofed to be able to adapt to changes in network, application and OSS/BSS technologies. Delivering millions of processes a day, Cortex decreases response times, covering problem resolution, customer relationship interaction and service provisioning. Cortex’s 100% graphical web based configuration and user portals, suitable for use by domain experts rather than programmers, simplify the configuration and administration of Cortex; enabling skilled staff to innovate rather than operate.

Cortex Intelligent Orchestration can be applied to automate and orchestrate in the following domains:

  • Network Management
  • Server and Application Management
  • IT Process and Provisioning Management
  • IT Service Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Database Administration (DBA)
  • Physical Security Information Management