Proven savings, increased capability and delivery – a smooth transition into the future


We are IBM Netcool experts and have been deploying and managing Netcool for over 15 years. But many customers want to move on; to a more flexible, capable, cost-effective and open Service Assurance platform such as Assure1.

With this transformation we’re building a solid, seamless platform for scalable growth, As a leading telecom operator in Europe, we continually strive to drive efficiencies in operating expenses as we grow, while delivering leading edge-services. Our Monolith Software platform has dramatically reduced costs while accelerating speed-to-market for service offerings and proactive customer-facing visibility.
Heinz Kotar

Head of NOC and OSS , Tele2

For many years IBM Netcool has been the solution of choice for global organizations, providing real-time incident detection, alert analytics, security features and automation for IT operations and network management. But times change and new technologies coupled with increasing customer demands are driving many customers to look again. Solutions for the future need to have an open API to work with a complex legacy of existing hardware and also be capable of working with evolving technologies, such as 5G and IoT. Solutions for the future need to reduce complexity whilst increasing output and insight. In reducing complexity, the ideal solution should reduce cost overheads to; in terms of hardware, licenses, and skilled operators.

We have the future solution for Service Assurance – Assure1 – and we have successfully migrated major customers from Netcool to Assure1 – increasing capability and delivering substantial cost savings.


Of course, migrating from one Service Assurance platform to another is a daunting prospect. So daunting that some customers have delayed it more than once. But the imminent arrival of new technology, rising customer demand, and competitive threats cannot be ignored forever. We understand the importance of the existing Netcool Service Assurance system and the imperative to migrate it, with sensitivity and without jeopardy to service levels. We are the Service Assurance company.

By deploying Eirteic’s unified service assurance platform, we have managed to reduce our OpEx and improve the end-to-end customer experience through, for example, one ITIL system
Allan Rochford

Director of Service Management , Eir


Move to a next generation Service Assurance solution. Unify fault, performance and service level management within a single, integrated, scalable platform. Monitor, measure and report on all network types (fixed line, mobile and virtual), integrated seamlessly with existing hardware and emerging technologies.


Simplify network management with customizable reports, dashboards and portals displaying a single, normalized, view of device, fault, performance, topology, service logic and service relationships.


 Our Customers want to manage their networks to peak performance, to drive new markets and capitalise upon new technologies. They demand new approaches including closer integration of business functions and network management. We enable them by developing tight integration between our core Service Assurance platform and other OSS systems.

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