Galileo Software, the software development arm of the award winning Eirteic Group have been invited to present at the TMForum Smart City InFocus 2016. The event will take place in Yinchuan, China’s premier Smart City capital from 7th – 9th September 2016. The upcoming InFocus event will include government officials and C-level executives from around the world for the exclusive three-day conference. Members from the global smart city ecosystem network will come together to learn and share ideas across the conference.

Galileo Software’s CEO, Patrick Buttimer and Chief Solutions Architect, Dave Cunningham will explain how the Citizen-Centric Service Assurance (CCSA) catalyst helps Smart Cities to understand how services are performing and how they are being used. This was first demonstrated as part of the TMForum Live! event in Nice earlier this year. It brings a number of potential benefits to Smart Cities, including better management of information feeds across the city, citizen feedback and a better understanding of the impact on services by disruptive events such as flooding, traffic incidents and planned works. Galileo has partnered with eir, Smart Dublin, Monolith Software, MICTA and Liverpool John Moores University to develop the catalyst.

Jamie Cudden, Dublin City Council’s Smart City program manager comments; “In Dublin, we’re experimenting with innovative technology to drive better quality services and address priority city challenges in areas such as mobility, transport, environment and energy efficiency. The Catalyst proves the benefits of a single platform to connect disparate systems and connected things across our city to better understand, manage and respond to emergency events in real time ensuring a better response and more informed citizen.”

Galileo Software’s input to the catalyst includes Vision, the customer experience visualisation platform that graphically shows how services are interacting with external factors. Vision shows how well a service is performing at any given time and location. Galileo Software also sets out its Vision for The 5GUI, a suite of Galileo products that simplifies the monitoring of Smart City and 5G services. Not only this, but it will also provide reporting on their usage and performance.

Galileo Vision pulls in data feeds from both inside and outside of the network – for example, line faults, traffic, weather, utility data – to rapidly predict or identify incidents that may impact services and customers. It shows where the faults are geographically located and enables service providers to quickly understand possible customer impact. Elements of Vision are already being tested by MBNL, Manx Telecom and eir.

To learn more about Galileo or to arrange a meeting with Galileo at Smart City InFocus 2016, please contact