Faster, Cheaper, Easier

With my role as a project manager for a transformation project I have been able to gain first hand experience into the how implementing monolith as your network management solution is changing the way the customer works. Some of the key highlights are:


This customer’s new monolith single pane of glass view allows them to identify problems and diagnose the root cause within one tool, where previously this would have taken a few tools. This allows them to take their own customer service to the next level.


Multi-tenancy is one of the highlights of monolith for this customer, it allows them to give their customers a portal with visibility of vital information, without the extra cost of an additional application that is just customer based.


Configuration – some tools are built around the idea that you have someone who’s dedicated to constant tuning and changing a network management tool – with monolith this is done through the easy to use and intuitive monolith GUI. The work is taken out of many tasks such as discovery of devices and addition of metrics by the use of automated scheduled jobs for auto discovery and configurable rules for automatic grouping and addition of metrics.

Spending some time with potential new customers helps reinforce why we work with monolith. Many customers have an array of tools that have had to have various patching and custom built applications to keep up with new integration requirements; even then they have many different tools to consult before getting an overview of their network. Monolith is different it is a single tool that combines fault, topology and performance management, Monolith is a next generation tool built from the ground up using a single code set to be the unified solution.