Eirteic, the Customer Centric Service Assurance group for CSPs, telcos, and enterprise customers are delighted to announce the latest development in Assure1, by Federos, which has been providing customers with the benefit of managing services on a single platform.  The Assure1 platform enables end-to-end and unified service, performance, fault, and topology management across legacy and dynamic virtualised domains. Implementation by Eirteic of Assure1 enables consolidation and the phase-out of older systems while expediting issue resolution with simplified event tracking.

As Federos and  Elastic announce their strategic alliance partnership, it is now possible to leverage the power of machine learning, utilising a powerful set of technologies that can help organisations transform their understanding of data. The Assure1 platform uses machine learning to reveal and react to event anomalies that could lead to service outages before end-users experience a problem. “Advances in network and infrastructure have added complexity to systems so that it has now become difficult to identify the root cause of the problem,” said Patrick Buttimer, CEO at Eirteic, “Machine learning in the Assure1 platform overcomes these challenges with problem analysis and isolation capabilities for laser-point accuracy to ensure service quality is never compromised”.

“I have known several of the Federos team for many years and am impressed with how they are leveraging the machine learning features in the Elastic Stack to further improve the environment for their customers,” said Dr Steve Dodson, Distinguished Engineer at Elastic. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with them to identify new and exciting ways to improve the experience.”

Machine learning is a general field that describes algorithms and methods for data-driven prediction and modelling. Federos’ Assure1 solution applies machine learning to customers’ historical data to train models that can then be used to provide real-time insights into operational behaviours. By using machine learning, network and infrastructure operations issues can be detected and resolved without significant manual effort.

“Machine learning reduces the risk of problem recurrence and speeds post-outage analysis. In plain English, semantic searching capabilities give our customers the power to perform whatever analyses they desire,” said John Locke, CTO at Federos. “Our partnership with Elastic is very synergistic and we expect to continue to develop and enrich the combined solution.”

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About Eirteic 
Eirteic is the Service Assurance company, and today, that means we are the Customer Centric Service Assurance company. Our customers are communications service providers (CSPs) and massive data centre providers, with many millions of subscribers who are reliant upon their networks and services. Our software and our skills help our customers to deliver high performance, best quality and competitive pricing to millions around the globe. Eirteic is a specialist integrator of Customer Centric Service Assurance solutions for critical networks; enabling our customers to enhance their service levels, expand their capabilities and transform their business to seize the opportunities of the future. Our approach in three words is Unify, Simplify, Enable. For more information, visit staging.eirteic.com

About Federos Assure1™ and Fusion1™
Federos Assure1™ and Fusion1™ software provide a next generation, service assurance solution that unifies fault, performance, topology, and service level management in a single scalable platform. Built on a single codebase, our multi-tenant platforms use an open and unified approach for data collection, enrichment, visualization, and reporting. Leading telecommunications, managed service providers, data centers and enterprises, including Aureon, Eir, Equinix, Hargray, MANX, Oracle, Tata Communications, Tele2, and Virtus use Federos to unify and simplify their infrastructure management, and consolidate disparate and legacy tools onto a single platform to significantly reduce operations costs, assure delivery of new services, and enhance customer experience. For more information, visit www.federos.com

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