• MBNL engages Eirteic service assurance expertise for a project to reduce service implementation times, avoid high cost delivery changes, and improve fault identification and repair times.

Cork & London 15th May 2016: MBNL, the UK joint venture between mobile operators EE and Three UK, has selected independent service assurance provider, Eirteic to design and deliver a unified service assurance platform across MBNL’s business.

“Being a trusted and credible partner to two of the UK’s most recognisable and innovative mobile operators, means service interruptions are not an option,” says Patrick Buttimer, CEO at Eirteic. “This project is a major strategic undertaking to help meet MBNL’s goals of reducing service implementation times, avoiding high cost delivery changes, and improving fault identification and repair times.”

The project will focus on event and topology management, and dashboards, providing MBNL staff with top-down views of service performance, enabling them to automate and prioritise service issue resolution based on real-time customer analytics. To achieve this, Eirteic’s technical solution will include the AssureNow V4 full fault management platform from Monolith Software, and the GeoMaps element from Galileo Vision, a customer experience visualisation platform developed by Eirteic.

To ensure the project is successfully adopted throughout MBNL’s business, Eirteic will also provide consultancy on communications adoption and learning to bring together people, tools and processes. Eirteic will begin a nine-month delivery programme, which expects to deliver a return on investment within 18 months.

Mike Hooper, Business Development director, Eirteic, comments; “Mobile operators need to be able to support greater amounts of bandwidth in order to handle the amount of over-the-top content, such as YouTube and Netflix that consumers are consuming as well as social media sharing platforms like Meerkat and Periscope. More and more video and music content is getting streamed to, and shared on, mobile devices. That’s driving a fundamental change in how operators are providing services. There needs to be agility and optimisation at the network level to make sure the services are assured at every network level.”

Eirteic works with global service providers to deliver unified OSS architecture that not only manages legacy issues, but is future-proofed for 21st Century innovation.