• Following implementation of unified service assurance platform, AssureNow, financial services company achieves a single view of its IT infrastructure, saving time and money.

Cork & London 01 June 2016: Award-winning independent service assurance consultancy Eirteic today announced it has successfully completed a unified service assurance project for a leading global provider of financial information services, helping it achieve a 60 per cent reduction in incident resolution time.

The finance company provides products that enhance transparency, reduce risk and improve operational efficiency for banks, insurance companies, fund and asset managers, regulators and auditors. Its reputation, revenue and customer investments rely accurate and timely information and analysis. Any information errors or latency across the network could potentially impact financial decisions and investments.

The financial services company wanted to reduce cost and complexity of its IT infrastructure and simplify the management of its network to ensure accurate and timely financial information could be provided to its customers. Eirteic implemented the AssureNow™unified service assurance solution from Monolith, and consolidated six disparate system monitors to provide a single point of view of the entire infrastructure. This meant that the company could more quickly identify, and even predetermine network issues or service degradation, and so speed up reaction times to problems by 60 per cent. Since the implementation, the financial company has been able to further scale AssureNow to cover more systems and devices without performance issues or interruption.

Patrick Buttimer, CEO at Eirteic comments; “IT complexity is all too common within financial and enterprise organisations. Unifying systems to create a ‘manager of managers’ simplifies the network to dramatically reduce cost, speed up issue identification and response times as well as simplify overall network management.”