In an ongoing programme to enhance its service delivery capabilities, total communications and entertainment provider, Digicel, has selected independent service assurance provider Eirteic to design and deliver a unified Service Assurance platform across its business in the Caribbean, Central America and the Pacific.

The continuing increase in mobile users is making network performance a critical priority for customer satisfaction. Users are also consuming ever greater amounts of bandwidth to handle the over-the-top content such as YouTube and Netflix. “These pressures are driving a fundamental change in how operators are providing services” says Eirteic’s CEO, Patrick Buttimer. “There needs to be agility and optimisation to make sure that services are assured at every network level.”

After reviewing its overall network operations centre (NOC) and supporting IT systems architecture, Digicel determined that consolidating its legacy network monitoring tools and developing a service-centric focus would deliver quality improvements, OPEX reductions and improve operational efficiencies.

“Digicel has a strong and clear vision of what is possible with the right approach. Our solution will help to deliver cost effective, flexible and reliable communication services across any device” says Buttimer.

The consolidation of multiple event sources into a single platform and tight integration with multiple Remedy ticketing systems are just two of the requirements of the service assurance solution to be delivered by Eirteic. Unifying these systems creates a ‘manager of managers’ simplifies the network to dramatically reduce cost, speed up issue identification and response times as well as simplifying overall network management.

About Eirteic: The Service Assurance Company
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