• Concept demonstrates how enterprise, telco, Smart City and IoT environments can use a single data analytics and visualisation platform to pre-empt and rapidly resolve incidents impacting service and customers
  • Project led by eir, Smart Dublin, Galileo, Monolith, Liverpool University and MICTA to present customer experience visualisation platform for the Customer Centric Catalyst at TM Forum Live
  • Tests by eir show significantly improved customer service and faster resolution to incidents.

Cork & London, 28th April 2016: eir, Smart Dublin, Galileo Software, Monolith Software, Liverpool John Moores University and MICTA will present the customer centric service assurance Catalyst at TM Forum Live! 2016, 9-12 May. This proof of concept Catalyst will show how a customer experience visualisation platform can enable service providers to predict and manage incidents from inside and outside of the network, rapid notification to impacted customers, faster incident resolution times.

Patrick Buttimer, CEO Galileo, the software business of the Eirteic group, comments; “The growing demands of today’s consumers is putting pressure on enterprises and operators across multiple industries to deliver ‘always on’ service and proactive customer care. Working with our partners in the Catalyst, we’re showing how organisations can pre-empt incidents, achieve faster resolution time and proactively communicate with customers, which is how they will need to operate to remain competitive in the future.”

The Catalyst is built on a number of platforms from both Galileo and Monolith. A combination of Galileo Vision and Galileo Touch pulls data from a number of platforms including AssureNow™from Monolith, as well as from external sources (e.g. traffic, weather, flood warnings), to provide a graphical dashboard that visualises network services from a customer’s point of view. Any potential incidents will be quickly flagged in the service management centre (SMC) (or mobile app), and can then be managed directly from the dashboard, responses automatically activated, status updates and resolution timescales monitored and customers and third parties immediately notified.

Ireland’s largest telcoms provider, eir, is the prime sponsor of the Catalyst. Sinead Burke, Head of Incident and Event Management at Open eir, comments; “The Catalyst is designed to demonstrate what a customer centric organisation might look like in the future. For service providers like ourselves, ongoing transformation within the industry means we need to be able to adapt to managing new services like IoT, Smart Cities, 5G, while keeping customers at the heart of our organisations. We’ll continue to support the development of the solution with the objective of striving to exceed the industry and customer requirements.”

Smart Cities, IoT, connected devices

Smart Dublin, Dublin City Council’s smart city initiative, is demonstrating potential of this platform to better manage information feeds across the city and citizen feedback, to better understand the impact of disruptive events such as flooding, traffic incidents and also planned works.

Jamie Cudden, Dublin City Council’s Smart City program manager comments; “In Dublin, we’re experimenting with innovative technology to drive better quality services and address priority city challenges in areas such as mobility, transport, environment and energy efficiency. The Catalyst proves the benefits of a single platform to connect disparate systems and connected things across our city to better understand, manage and respond to emergency events in real time ensuring a better response and more informed citizen.”


Bill Cannon, CEO at Monolith Software comments; “When it comes to service providers, customer expectations have shifted from simply meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs) toward establishing true, customer centric networks. In order to meet these elevated expectations, end-to-end visibility must be established across all network devices – including Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) areas. To successfully make this shift, operators need a new approach and AssureNow is specifically tailored for customer centric environments.”

About Galileo

Galileo Software, the software business within the Eirteic group, was founded in 2015 to develop a customer experience visualisation platform for telecommunications, service provider and enterprise organisations globally. The customer experience visualisation platform draws on data from inside and outside the network e.g. from geographic, social and digital sources, as well as environment and utilities, in real time, to automate and prioritise service issues. Galileo Vision enables organisations to maintain and grow customer satisfaction and retention, while reducing business costs.

About Catalyst Projects

Catalysts are rapid fire, member-driven proof-of-concept projects which both inform and leverage TM Forum best practices and standards, connecting service providers, technology suppliers, and global enterprises to create innovative solutions to common industry challenges. The Catalysts are aligned with the strategic ambitions of TM Forum, thereby producing a portfolio of Catalysts which bring best practices and standards to life in real world scenarios ensuring the value of these assets is proven in complex partnership scenarios.

About Smart Dublin

Smart Dublin is an initiative of the four Dublin Local Authorities to engage with smart technology providers, researchers and citizens to solve city challenges and improve city life.