Eirteic Consulting Leads Integration That Consolidates 5 Bespoke BMC Remedy instances into 1 to Enhance Network Functionality and Operational Efficiencies.

Eirteic, the Service Assurance Company, has successful consolidated 5 bespoke BMC Remedy instances into a single BMC Remedy ITSM 9.1.03 instance. This was part of a wider Global NOC (GNOC) OSS transformation project. This project was a multi-country, multi-platform, network transformation which will ultimately improve Customer Service, Operating Efficiencies and increase shareholder value.  Eirteics specialist integration solutions are a game changer for the Client and they were excited to fulfil its ability to enable critical digital transformations.

The Challenge

After reviewing its overall network operations center (NOC) and supporting IT systems architecture, the Client determined that the consolidation of their five existing NOCs in multi-country locations, into a single NOC with a service-centric focus, would result in OPEX reductions and improve operational efficiencies. The Client has a network management environment that is distributed across multiple countries and multiple Network Operations Centers (NOCs). The management environment consisted of multiple network monitoring tools and was integrated with 5 different BMC Remedy systems ranging from v7 to v8. The Client concluded that they needed to include BMC Remedy consolidation as part of the OSS transformation project to dramatically reduce their operating expenses and increase their efficiency. Having multiple NOCs with the existing suite of products was not meeting their cost efficiency, business agility, and customer experience management goals.

Eirteic Enabled Solution

The Client chose Eirteic to be the strategic partner to lead the OSS transformation in the GNOC project. The GNOC project was broken into three Phases;

Phase 1

  • Fault consolidation of the Client’s existing Legacy Fault tools into a single system
  • Consolidation of all bespoke BMC Remedy systems within the 5 NOCs into a single, latest version, BMC Remedy System

Phase 2

  • Consolidate Fault Management of the remaining three NOCs, in multi-country locations.

Phase 3

  • Implement Performance Management for Mobile Networks
  • Implement Topology Management
  • Implement Service Management for Radio Access Network (RAN)


For Phase, 1 Eirteic analysed the Client’s business requirements and network management environment and implemented Assure1 to replace IBM Netcool with a single platform for Fault Management. The Federos Assure1 system fully integrates with BMC Remedy ITSM v9.1 which was implemented in parallel to the Assure1 implementation and consisted of consolidating 5 bespoke BMC Remedy instances ranging from v7 to v8. The Eirteic enabled solution helped the Client to re-design their organisation so that they could deliver an amazing network experience.

The Eirteic BMC REMEDY Solution detail

  • Consolidated five bespoke (completely customised) instances of BMC Remedy (v7, v7.6 and v8) to a single BMC Remedy ITSM 9.1.03 instance.
  • Migrated from separate bespoke undocumented processes to standardised best practice ITIL based processes.
  • A multi-tenant solution needed to cater for 27 countries, multiple business units, contractors and vendors.
  • On-premise infrastructure included load-shared servers and a geo-redundant disaster recovery environment for improved performance and redundancy.


Modules included:

Service Desk included:

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management included Problem investigation, Known Errors and Solutions
  • Task Management

Change Module included:

  • Change Management
  • Release Management
  • Task Management

Service Request Management:

  • Easy to use interface used to submit service requests, incident and simple changes

Service Level Management:

  • Used to track Service Targets and Agreements
  • Catered for SLAs (Business targets), OLAs (internal company target) and UCs (contractor and vendor targets)
  • Used for automated escalations, notifications, re-assignments, etc.

Smart Reporting included:

  • Dashboards
  • Ability to schedule reports
  • Ability to distribute reports via email

Smart IT mobile application

  • Used to give Field Engineers easier access to Incident, Change, Tasks, etc.

Asset Management/CMDB

  • Catered for 7,500 mobile sites, 800 logical nodes and generators which could attach to mobile sites or moved around
  • One of the CIs included 160 fields of information
  • Site data from the five legacy platforms and an external sites database was consolidated, compared and analysed in an Access Database and then imported to the CMDB

Customised SMS Notifier tool:

  • Used for general notifications, field engineering communications and Major Incident Management communications
  • Fully integrated solution available in Incident, Problem and Change automatically updated work log
  • Catered for two-tier distribution lists and was integrated with BMC Remedy’s people information
  • Included templates to allow faster-standardised communications

Integrations included:

AREA integration for Active Directory authentication

Email Rule-Based Engine integration with Mail Relay server and Exchange servers used to allow:

  • Email Notifications
  • Email communications which were are automatically added to work log
  • Approvals via email
  • Ticket creation via email

Assure1 Web Service SOAP interface:

  • Ability to create, modify and query tickets
  • Ability to add work log (updates) to tickets
  • Exposing incident template information to Assure1 gave Assure1 user improved ability to auto-populate and auto-route tickets
  • Allowed alarm enrichment with information from the BMC Remedy CMDB
  • Allowed Assure1 to query historical or current tickets linked to CMDB Configuration Items

Integration to SMS gateway to send SMS


The Results

The fully multi-tenanted (both Federos Assure1 and BMC Remedy support multi-tenancy) solution, easily supports The Client’s business which has over 20,000 devices across 23 markets in multi-country locations. With the implementation by Eirteic, of the single, unified service assurance solution from Federos Software, and a single BMC Remedy ITSM instance in Phase 1, the Client internal users now have full access to event lists, filters, policies, device metrics, and reports to proactively ensure their customer requirements are being exceeded. The Client now also has the ability to provide external business customers with dashboards detailing where faults lie and log incidents with the BMC Remedy System.

Phase 1 of the GNOC project has enabled the Client to lower their network management costs and introduced a new level of business agility. Their new customer-centric, service assurance process enables them to identify increasing customer demand and deliver new services faster than their competitors. The Client who had a long track record of providing customers with the best network was excited to be taking things to the next level with Eirteic enabling their GNOC OSS transformation, customers would quickly see the benefits. Future phases, once complete, will allow The Client to reduce OPEX costs further e.g. via headcount reduction, server warranty etc. and move The Client from a NOC model to a Service Operations Center and the ultimate goal, a Customer-Centric Service Assurance Center.

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