Eirteic have been delivering service assurance for over 17 years. To our customers; we provide the solutions that keeps their business humming. As as team; we are motivated by the daily challenges and by the feeling of being the best at what we do.

Eirteic – A Federos company, The Service Assurance Company

Eirteic is the Service Assurance company. Today that means we are the Customer-Centric Service Assurance company.

As part of the Federos group (www.federos.com), our customers are Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and massive data centre providers, with many millions of subscribers who are reliant upon their networks and services.

Our software and our skills, help our customers to deliver high performance, best quality and competitive pricing to millions around the globe. Eirteic is a specialist integrator of Customer-Centric Service Assurance solutions for critical networks; enabling our customers to enhance their service levels, expand their capabilities and transform their business to seize the opportunities of the future. Our approach in three words is Unify, Simplify, Enable.

 What We Do

We are often asked to describe the work we do, and the words we use to best describe our work is ‘We enable’.

  • We enable our customers to grow their business while reducing costs.
  • We enable our customers to create value for money for their customers while increasing return.
  • We enable our customers to evolve their business to embrace new services and flexible business models.

Our customers are some of the world’s biggest Telecoms Operators and Digital Service providers. Our solutions help them tackle some of the biggest issues they face.

What is our approach? Eirteic has a unique perspective. We focus our attention exclusively on telecoms customers. Together with our customers we have developed a solution that is central to tackling the core issues of cost, growth, value, and flexibility.

We are the Service Assurance Company

The term Service Assurance is used by others, but we are the Service Assurance company. We set a new standards of what Service Assurance means and we define how it enables our customers. We use a three word mantra to sum it up: Unify, Simplify, and most importantly Enable.


Eirteic’s offerings cover a variety of things including:

  • Customer Experience Visualisation
  • Unified Service Assurance – Fault, Relationship & Performance Management
  • Unified Infrastructure Management – Network Inventory, Service Asset & Configuration Management
  • Unified Orchestration Delivery
  • Design & Implementation
  • Post Deployment Services – Managed Services & Training


Move to a next generation Service Assurance solution. Unify fault, performance and service level management within a single, integrated, scalable platform. Monitor, measure and report on all network types (fixed line, mobile and virtual), integrated seamlessly with existing hardware and emerging technologies.


Simplify network management with customizable reports, dashboards and portals displaying a single, normalized, view of device, fault, performance, topology, service logic and service relationships.


 Our Customers want to manage their networks to peak performance, to drive new markets and capitalise upon new technologies. They demand new approaches including closer integration of business functions and network management. We enable them by developing tight integration between our core Service Assurance platform and other OSS systems.

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Years in Business

We are the Service Assurance Company and we've been creating and integrating world class solutions for over 17 years. Our customers cover the globe. Their systems support hundreds of millions of subscribers, we've had to estimate just how many. We've only counted the countries that our solutions were primarily built to cover. Our platforms can easily handle today's largest networks, even so a 100x increase is planned to enable future networks and services which have yet to be invented.

Next Generation Solutions

Unified Service Assurance

Unify your organisations fault, performance, topology, and service level management in a single integrated scalable platform, in which users can measure, monitor and report on the services they provide.

OSS Integration

OSS integration or transformation is a first step to enable a new service model that’s customer centric; with proactive management of infrastructure, business services and customer experience. By integrating Unified Service Assurance with service management (from ServiceNow™ and Remedy™) we’re enabling our customers’ transformation from NOC to SOC (Network Operating Centre to Service Operating Centre).

Visualization and Insight

Network management tools generate a lot of data; interpreting it has always been a specialist skill. Our objective is to simplify the task and speed up decision making. Using software from Galileo, our sister company, we build in extra layers of intelligence and then we enrich the data from numerous external sources including weather events and the power grid. The result is a visual representation of the network which delivers valuable insights, and which can become proactive and  to predict network problems and capacity issues.

Netcool™ Replacement

We’ve loved Netcool™, but all products have their day. New times, new challenges require new solutions. Upgrading isn’t easy, but we are experts. We installed some of the World’s largest Netcool™ systems in the first place. We’ll replace Netcool, and the other systems which run alongside, with a new Unified platform, reducing OPEX, simplifying operations and accelerating business processes.

Where we are:

Address: Eirteic House Eastlink Business Park Carrigtohill Co. Cork, Ireland  T45 Y381

Phone: +353 21 242 7215 Fax: +353 21 485 5212 Mail: EUinfo@eirteic.com