A Changing World Needs an Evolution in Thinking

During my 1st year with Eirteic, I have heard more industry buzz words than at any point in my career so far, with terms such as; SDN, NFV, IoT, etc. It got me thinking…  How is this going to affect my customers and other service providers around the globe?

The era of the Internet of Things (IoT) has already arrived, with a boom in the number of internet connected devices expected to grow to 25 billion by 2020, and this will bring a unique challenge to service providers, in how they manage data, customers and services.

Add to this the fact that there seems to be an app for everything these days whether it’s for mobile, tablet or laptop, and this explosion in data consumption has led to a change in the business models of a lot of providers towards an Over-The-Top concept; spanning four main Telco-OTT service categories; Content, Communications, Cloud & Connectivity, outlined in the Disruptive Analysis report which takes a detailed look at why operators must move in the OTT direction, whilst clearly marking out the opportunities and challenges they are going to face on this journey.

This change is bringing increased competition and commoditisation to the industry, evolving it into that of one similar to the utilities industry; low cost, high demand and driven from the viewpoint that “Internet Access Is a Human Right”.  This can only lead to an increase in customers’ expectations on importance of performance and availability to access the world wide web.

Advances in technologies used by Service Providers due to Cloud, IPTV, IoT, VoLTE, SDN, NFV and whatever 5G will bring; will mean traditional and existing infrastructure and management solutions will need to change. They will need to cope with increasing pressures of providing more complex and demand on services; leveraging new technology like NFV to manage changes in regional demand for capacity constrained services without increasing physical capacity.

This only explains the situation as it currently is, I honestly believe it’s only the start of things to come. As usage-driven content from sources such as OTT and IPTV, and new social media content apps, such as Meerkat and Periscope, become more popular; these are going to fundamentally change the way services are provided and the bandwidth needed to provide them are supported.

Ultimately a step change is going to be needed in how technology is used to manage the networks, to cope with the increases in data sources and services.  As is the norm currently, utilising archaic or open source technology is only going to stifle service providers to deal with the step change. 21st Century technology such as SDN, NFV, 5G, OTT, IPTV; need a 21st century OSS solution and vendors including; Monolith AssureNow, FNT Command and Cortex Orchestration, are leading the way to support this ever changing world and to ensure we are futureproofed well beyond!!

Find the Disruptive Analysis Report – http://www.disruptive-analysis.com/telco-ott.htm

“Internet Access is a Human Right” Full Article outlining the United Nations Report – http://broadband.about.com/od/International/a/United-Nations-Broadband-Access-Is-A-Basic-Human-Right.htm