Complex customer experience data correlated and simplified into valuable insight


Customer Experience Visualisation

OSS and BSS systems generate a lot of data and interpreting it has always been a specialist skill But specialists are hard to find, and in any case we anticipate that more data is needed to create real understanding. Our objective is to simplify how data is presented, enrich it from external sources, and turn all this information into valuable insights.

Galileo is a sister company to Eirteic and has developed a suite of software to achieve this aim.







Galileo Vision

Galileo Vision allows operators to visually correlate network and service issues within the context of any geographical location. By enriching the core data with external data about local weather and issues with power supplies operators can can a much quicker understanding of the causes of issues. Vision is highly configurable, taking a layered approach to visualising network objects and service coverage status, allowing operators to focus on relevant data to help understand, diagnose and respond to issues, without the distraction of ’Visualisation Noise’.

Galileo Touch

Galileo Touch builds upon the success of Galileo Vision and allows an intelligent and automated response to network and service disruptions. By consolidating data from Service Assurance, Incident Management, Customer Services and Workforce Management platforms, it allows Digital ServiceProviders to manage all aspects of an incident response from detection, even prediction to successful resolution.


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