Beginning in 2020 we will live in a 5G enabled world.

5G will deliver huge benefits for users and numerous opportunities for new services and their providers. But delivering 5G will not be easy for network operators and it will require fundamental change. Some operators will not survive.

Consumers, content providers and the killer Apps of tomorrow will demand excellent service. Networks will have to thrive while handling much larger volumes of data from many more connected devices interacting with layers of services old and new. Delivering this will require new thinking and transition strategies, old methods and systems simply won’t cope.

Some proactive Network Operators are already finding ways to tackle this, and to prepare for the future. Step one is to Unify system management and Simplify its visualisation and control. This is already delivering benefits including huge cost savings and increased capabilities.

They are now looking to step further ahead by adding intelligent automation to eliminate repeated processes and deliver even greater efficiency savings and to Enable new customer solutions that are flexible and agile.

Our mission is to help all our Customers thrive in a 5G world, our method is Unify, Simplify, Enable.



Move to a next generation Service Assurance solution. Unify fault, performance and service level management within a single, integrated, scalable platform. Monitor, measure and report on all network types (fixed line, mobile and virtual), integrated seamlessly with existing hardware and emerging technologies.


Simplify network management with customizable reports, dashboards and portals displaying a single, normalized, view of device, fault, performance, topology, service logic and service relationships.


 Our Customers want to manage their networks to peak performance, to drive new markets and capitalise upon new technologies. They demand new approaches including closer integration of business functions and network management. We enable them by developing tight integration between our core Service Assurance platform and other OSS systems.

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Existing Service Assurance Technologies

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Our comprehensive, flexible training portfolio is focused on helping our customers develop a understanding of the solutions Eirteic offer and that they are ready to meet any challenge – and ultimately, improve production.

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Consolidate your Service Assurance support and outsource it to Eirteic. Or select from our range Managed Service packages and service levels to arrange the most effective, and cost-effective, solution.

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Eirteic offers a range of support services and support levels including 24×7 access to our Support and Maintenance Centre (SMC), rapid problem resolution and additional value added services.