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ServiceNow – OSS/BSS Integration

Integrated Network and Systems Management (OSS/BSS)

Unified Service Assurance is amazing, but as an Operational Support System (OSS) it is primarily focused on the Network. Traditionally, for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), this is a far as Service Assurance goes, and it is has been managed separately to other Business Support Systems (BSS). But to achieve greatest business impact network management can now be integrated into business support systems. This is sometimes called OSS/BSS integration. Event management, fault ticketing, field service management and consumer issue resolution are just four of the high impact solutions which can be enhanced by OSS/BSS integration.
At Eirteic we have pioneered the successful integration of the AssureNow and ServiceNow to deliver world-class OSS/BSS integration.

Eirteic provide a next generation, service assurance solution that unifies fault, performance, topology, and service level management in a single scalable platform. Our solutions enable OSS transformation, consolidating legacy tools and significantly reducing operational costs. When coupled with our integration of ServiceNow (the world’s leading provider of service management software as a service) we create the infrastructure to transform your whole business.

ServiceNow specialises in IT services management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM) and IT business management (ITBM) and is scaleable for enterprises of all sizes. However, as all CSPs know, telecommunications networks are of all a size of complexity far beyond the boundaries of similar sized enterprises. CSP networks will usually have millions of attached devices, and thousands of automated systems detecting and resolving network ‘events’. This is a problem to all BSS systems, which are designed to handle manually entered issues. Simply put, ServiceNow is not designed to handle the scale of ‘events’ that are generated by today’s CSP networks. This is not a criticism of ServiceNow, it was never intended to be integrated into massive scale Telecoms networks. But ServiceNow has exactly the Service Management features that all CSPs need, and when integrated with our Service Assurance solution it opens up huge opportunities to automate, simplify and improve business processes and customer service.

This is why Eirteic have pioneered the integration of AssureNow – the CSP class Service Assurance solution – with ServiceNow. With this integration CSPs can gain the outstanding capabilities of ServiceNow for managing their business operations whilst having full integration into AssureNow for fully scale-able Service Assurance.



Important Features


integrate network Service Assurance with business wide Service Management functionality.


Automate tasks, integrate business services and simplify issue resolution.


Create a single view of your customers, their service levels, issues and opportunities.