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Monolith AssureNow

It assists in reducing time to market of new services.

Monolith Software’s AssureNow solution is a revolutionary Service Assurance tool covering Fault, Performance, Inventory and Service Management as well as Relationship Management supporting both physical and logical dependencies. AssureNow allows service providers to unify, simplify, and transform their operations to better deliver and monitor new and existing services. The solution drives immediate and long term cost savings, giving more power over telecommunications network infrastructure, IT and operations environments, delivering improved user and customer experiences.

AssureNow’s open architecture and unified monitoring platform is built on a single code base and utilises a unified approach for data collection, normalization, enrichment, visualization and reporting. This approach provides service providers with end-to-end visibility of their service infrastructure and supports increase business agility while reducing operational costs by over 50%.
The AssureNow solution provides a unified view of infrastructure at a lower total cost of ownership than any competitive product in the market because the solution enables complete visibility of critical services and facilitates rapid ROI by leveraging, enriching and retiring legacy management tools.

AssureNow solves the fundamental challenges of assuring the availability and performance of services in complex and converging Telecommunications and IT environments. Monolith Software’s AssureNow next generation service management platform provides:

  • Unified Fault, Performance and Service Level Management in a single platform
  • End-to-end visibility of complex and converged services in a single pane of glass
  • Single “source of truth” repository for all devices, services, customers and their relationships
  • Unified operations and workflows across all technologies, domains, and services
  • Highly available, scalable, open and customizable platform based on the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & Perl) architecture
  • Simplified administration, with a single configuration language and JSON interface

Important Features


AssureNow unites fault, performance, topology, and service level management which provides end-to-end visibility of complex and converged services in a single pane of glass.


One code base, one rules set, protocol independent, standards based (LAMP, Web 2.0, HTML 5), redundant and highly scalable.


The ability to monitor critical services end to end across the infrastructure. Integration with incident management tools, CMDBs, inventory and legacy applications to improve workflow and customer experience. Easily roll out new technologies and services.