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11 May 2017 by
Mike Hooper
Mike Hooper is in Sales at Eirteic. He joined the company in May 2014, and brings with him 8 years’ experience in working with Telecommunication & Service Providers’ including; BT, MBNL, Manx Telecom, Virgin Media and Sky to deliver Service Assurance and Service Management solutions that meet the customer’s business objectives. Mike has a passion for relationships and his overall enthusiasm are second to none. In his spare time he Volunteers with Young Enterprise, mentoring students to run their own businesses and is also a keen sportsman.

OSS Transformation in 2 Days?

I had heard the word ‘Hackathon’ but, at the start of January, I’d never seen one. I definitely hadn’t expected to be involved in one in my working life in the telecoms industry.  But, as it turned out, a Hackathon was exactly what we needed to fast track new ways of working for Zen Internet. Of course, we didn’t deliver OSS transformation in two days, but we did prove how OSS transformation can be achieved, and just how far reaching it will be within their business.

Zen Internet are an award-winning, UK-based, quad-play ISP with home and business users. Zen Internet focus upon customer satisfaction and, as I write this post, they have been awarded another plaudit (this time from Which? magazine) placing them first for customer satisfaction across the UK.  Our journey with Zen Internet began when we were invited to consider how they could upgrade inventory systems to support their futuristic ‘Plexus project’ – a long term transformation program. With 75% of its customer base now ON NET, Zen understands that the transforming their business needs to focus on involves more than just the network.

The big questions are;

Zen Internet know that a change of approach is needed in how services are delivered, and our team set out to demonstrate just what that would look like. During the hackathon, we showcased the capabilities of a transformed OSS using mixed technologies, carefully integrated, including ServiceNow IT service management, AssureNow monitoring, and FNT command for network resource inventory. The overall objective of the hackathon was to show that an OSS transformation can be delivered quickly and easily (in theory). The use cases included:

It may have seemed like a tall order but, with a strong team of technical individuals, in just two days we were successful in proving every use case!! Proving, in other words, the reality of closed loop OSS architecture. Luckily for our customers, Eirteic have the ability to be as flexible and agile as needed to deliver such a solution!

I am now very interested in seeing the success that Zen Internet and Eirteic can deliver during the full Plexus OSS Transformation project.