The Service Assurance Company
8 April

Business Agility with Unify Service Assurance

by Eirteic

Achieve Customer Experience and Business Agility

Looking beyond customer retention strategies towards long term customer loyalty, this webinar focuses on achieving end-to-end customer experience, business agility, and operational efficiency by implementing a unified service assurance platform. Agenda includes:

  • Analyst assessment of challenges/benefits with customer-centric service assurance shift
  • Next generation service management platform case study by eircom
  • Unified service assurance delivery challenges, including tools consolidation
  • TCO and business case drivers to lower operations costs and improve CEM & agility
  • Round table Q&A discussion

Presented by: Patrick Kelly of Analysys Mason, Allan Rochford of eircom, Patrick Buttimer of Eirteic, Bill Cannon of Monolith Software.

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